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Cherwell Software Announces Integration Partnership with KnowledgeBroker, Inc.

KnowledgeBases for Computer Support
  KnowledgeBasesKnowledgeBroker (KBI) licenses an industrial strength Desktop Computer Support KnowledgeBase. It provides immediate answers to thousands of common questions about Desktop and Internet applications.

Key Benefits
KBI's prepackaged Desktop Computer Support KnowledgeBase provides:
  • Fast, first tier support.
  • Secure. Behind the user's firewall.
  • Better support center results.
    • Increased First Call Resolution rate.
    • Reduced call times with short, concise solutions.
    • Consistent answers shift-to-shift.
    • Resource and training tool.
    • Lower call volume with End User Self Service.
  • Major cost savings - Buy vs. Build.

Content Development

In addition to prepackaged support, KnowledgeBroker writes support content for individual companies on an outsourced basis. Working closely together we
develop solutions for site specific applications and processes. We then export the content for easy
import and publishing in your Help Desk System.

More Info: KBI Content Development

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