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Professionally written library of knowledge articles imports directly into TechExcel software to provide customers and support technicians solutions to common help desk issues

March 19, 2006

Nashville, TN - March 19, 2006 - KnowledgeBroker, Inc. (KBI), a premier computer support content provider, and TechExcel, a leading provider of integrated CRM, IT service management, defect tracking and test management applications, announced today an integration partnership that aims to improve first-level support resolution. KBI's out-of-box answers to computer support questions integrate with TechExcel support software so technicians and customers can find answers quickly increasing overall help desk efficiency.

KnowledgeBroker KnowledgeBases provide help desk analysts and end-users immediate answers to computer support questions. KBI's prepackaged knowledge topics import directly into TechExcel software, providing TechExcel users access with first-tier support for more than 150 desktop applications. KBI’s proprietary content resides behind the TechExcel firewall and never compromises customer security.

“The combination of high-quality content provided by KnowledgeBroker and TechExcel’s latest Auto-Suggest technology will drastically improve self-service,” said Tieren Zhou, President and CEO of TechExcel. “TechExcel Auto-Suggest technology allows customers to find answers effortlessly by automatically suggesting solutions based on their problem description. By importing the topics provided by KnowledgeBroker KnowledgeBases into the TechExcel HelpDesk, customers will have access to high-quality, relevant knowledge solutions that directly address their questions and problems.”

TechExcel HelpDesk sets the standard for today's high-end help desk solution, providing complete functionality, total process customization, affordability, ease-of-use, and simple implementation. In addition, TechExcel HelpDesk provides workflow, process automation, and detailed searching and reporting tools for IT service support and internal help desk teams, all of which have been configured with a comprehensive point-and-click administration tool.

“KnowledgeBroker's Technical Support KnowledgeBases provide a cost effective, secure and practical answer to ongoing computer support issues,” said Brad Stanley, Managing Director of KnowledgeBroker. “Designed to integrate seamlessly with TechExcel, KBI KnowledgeBases complete the total support solution.”

About KnowledgeBroker
KnowledgeBroker ( is a leading provider of prepackaged computer solutions. Established in 1992, KBI licenses a comprehensive KnowledgeBase with solutions for more than 150 desktop and internet applications, operating systems, graphics programs, and digital devices. KnowledgeBroker's content integrates directly into partner systems and resides safely behind the user's firewall, never compromising security. KBI updates the KnowledgeBase quarterly. For more information contact KnowledgeBroker at +1 626.441.0702 or send an E-mail to

About TechExcel
TechExcel is a privately held software company dedicated to developing intelligent software solutions to optimize today's business processes. A leading provider of integrated CRM, IT service management, defect tracking and test management applications, TechExcel seamlessly integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the power and flexibility needed to better manage their business. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Lafayette, California, TechExcel maintains over 1300 customers in more than 25 countries worldwide. For additional information, contact TechExcel at 925-871-3900 or visit the Web site at

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