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ITS to offer KnowledgeBroker's Computer Support KnowledgeBases to Symantec/Altiris Help Desk Solution and Service Desk Customers.

Las Vegas, NV April 6, 2009: -- ITS Partners, LLC, ( a professional services organization for the service-oriented management software manufactured by Symantec/Altiris announces a partnership with KnowledgeBroker ( computer support content KnowledgeBase provider. The newly formed alliance makes it easy for Altiris Helpdesk Solution users to provide their help desk an immediate and powerful resource for computer support.

With thousands of answers to questions about desktop and Internet applications, KnowledgeBroker's prepackaged computer support KnowledgeBases cut costs, improve vital first call resolution rates and streamline support. As part of the transition from Helpdesk Solution to Service Desk 7.0, customers can license support content for Help Desk Solution or extend their current AUP through ITS Partners. When they are ready to upgrade to Service Desk 7.0, ITS Partners will help them migrate their KnowledgeBase licenses to the new system.

"As a leader in system's management consulting, we are excited to announce this alliance with KBI," states Wade Wyant, Managing Partner for ITS. "This relationship will not only benefit our existing customers with their service desk migrations, but it will also help ITS expand our service capabilities to our new and existing customers."

"KnowledgeBroker has provided the Computer Support Content KnowledgeBases for Altiris Helpdesk Solution since 2004," said Brad Stanley, managing Director, KnowledgeBroker. "Partnering with ITS will provide seamless support for existing clients and is an excellent choice for future customers that require KBI KnowledgeBase and Altiris solutions expertise."

ITS is one of the top Altiris Platinum Partners in the country. Their success is due, in part to their commitment to delivering the business benefits of IT Management Solutions versus just installing a piece of software. They accomplish this by helping their customers identify the business drivers for their project, documenting the IT objectives that support the business driver, incorporate this information into their solution recommendation and statement of work. When the project is complete, they ask their customers to measure the business benefits that they received.

About ITS Partners, LLC
ITS Partners is an engineer-centric organization that helps customers benchmark and improve their systems management practices, realize the full business potential of their systems management software and increase the knowledge of their systems management employees. In 2007 and also 2005, ITS filled this customer need so well that Symantec named ITS as the Altiris "Platinum Partner of the Year". This award in not just based on the amount of software or services sold; it is really about successful IT organizations improving their business results, their practices and their employees.

About KnowledgeBroker
KnowledgeBroker ( is a leading provider of prepackaged computer solutions. Established in 1992, KBI licenses a comprehensive computer support KnowledgeBase with solutions for more than 190 desktop and Internet applications. KnowledgeBroker's content integrates directly into partner systems and resides safely behind the user's firewall, never compromising security. KBI updates the KnowledgeBase quarterly. As part of their quarterly updates, they include solutions for all unresolved issues submitted by their customers at no additional charge. KnowledgeBroker also works with individual companies to develop solutions for site-specific applications and processes. For more information contact KnowledgeBroker at 626 441 0702 or send an E-mail to



Chad Dupin
ITS Partners
616 235 9146

Gail Wetmore
KnowledgeBroker, Inc.
626 441 0702
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